Memphis is a city filled with culture and history. Known as the birthplace of rock and roll and the home of the blues, music has long been a part of the city’s history. Other arts and history has been a large part of the city’s past, which is celebrated throughout the city. In the Broad Avenue Art District, you can find some of the largest outdoor art installations in the city, like Memphis’s tallest piece of art. You can also find many unique and interesting murals throughout the city. 

Memphis is also home to its own style of barbeque, with over 100 barbeque restaurants throughout the city. Some, like Central BBQ, have been featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel, attracting visitors from all around. Plus, numerous food and drink festivals are held throughout the year, the perfect place to try out some new, local cuisine. 

If you’re in search of a city that has a lot to do outdoors, Memphis may be the right place for you. Shelby Farms Park has over 4500 acres and 40 miles of trails for walking, running, hiking, or horseback riding and is one of the largest metropolitan parks in the US. 

If giving your children a great education is a top priority, Memphis also is home to award-winning public and private schools. There are nearly 300 in the Memphis area, many ranking in the top 20 in the state. The city is also home to the University of Memphis, which has over 200 areas of study to choose from and an NCAA Division-1 team.